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A Beginner’s Guide To Wooden Flooring

Move over the typical concrete or stone floors that have been ruling the world over for ages. Homes today are becoming more cosmopolitan, innovative as well as modern thanks to incorporation of non-traditional touches to interior flooring.

One flooring trend that has hit us hard and scored brownie points is that of wooden flooring. Hardwood floors are pleasing on the eyes but as a beginner you need to understand its nitty-gritty. Also, you need to keep in mind that you need to hire a timber floor installation in Wellington service company to help you sail through the entire process.

Understanding Wooden Flooring

To begin with, you have to grasp the different types of wooden flooring options your regional market has just because you loved a pine laminate floor in your cousin’s home, might not mean that the same could work well for your home. You need to weigh the pros and cons of wooden flooring for your home before making a choice.

Understand The Types Of Wooden Flooring

Decide upon what type of wooden flooring works best for your home and weather. Engineered wood, wooden laminates and traditional hardwood are the three basic types you may avail. However, decide of the weather in your area permits installation for each of thee types. In addition, you have to decide upon a type depending on whether you are revamping your home and it already has a concrete floor or if you are building from scratch. This is important to decide on the texture or thickness of wooden laminate you choose.

The Pricing Concerns To Weigh

Placing orders for wooden flooring options has become easy with so many stores online and offline deliveries. However, you need to calculate the cost of labour that will be needed for installation of the wooden flooring. In addition, keep in mind that about 10 per cent extra costs always need to be kept in hand. This is because there could be some wastage involved while the wooden flooring is installed. Add to this, the costs of polishing or finishing the wood floor, and you will be able to arrive at a final estimate for the entire plan.

Check The Colour Scheme

Make sure the colour you pick for the wooden flooring is well coordinated with the overall look of your home. Nothing too dark would suit a home with very modernist vibes. Similarly, light coloured wooden flooring will not suit a place that has a rustic or traditional look. Be specific about how you want your home to look before settling down on a colour scheme.

Summing Up

Keep tab on the maintenance must-dos for wooden flooring as well. These need to be pampered and are not as easy to maintain as basic concrete floors. With this beginners guide to wooden flooring we are sure we have put you on the road in the right direction. Consider all these points carefully and make an informed choice about installing wooden flooring in your home.

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