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Dustless Floor Sanding Wellington

Our dustless floor treatment is a fix for the common sanding method. Imagine getting your floors sanded without having to deal with the dust motes that linger around long after the sanding is done.

Dustless floor sanding is a wonderful invention for rooms without any outlets for the airborne dust particles to escape. It also minimises the risk of allergic reactions among occupants. You can use your floors immediately after sanding without having to wait for the dust to settle down.

How it’s done

We use a state-of-the-art sanding machine that comes with an integrated vacuum system to suck up the loose dust. While it’s not 100% dust-free, it can take care of larger particles that may trigger allergy or other respiratory discomforts. We provide dustless floor sanding in Wellington for homes, retail stores, studios, etc.

With several benefits to dust-free floor sanding, it is the safest yet effective way to sand wooden floors.

Why Choose Us for Dust-free Floor Sanding?

Native Grain Flooring is a locally owned business and an accredited member of Australasian Timber Flooring Association. We adhere to the highest safety and quality protocols in dust-free floor sanding for our equipment and techniques. As a customer, you get your worn-out floors back to looking brand new again without the dust particles floating around.

Using dustless sanding equipment, we give your floors the raw hardwood finish. You can either leave it bare or spruce it up with beautiful reds and browns. With us, you can get the staining service from the same expert who now knows the next step after multiple passes of sanding.

To protect and prolong your floor’s life, we will apply a clear coat of polyurethane on top after sanding.

We take pride in our advanced floor sanding services that offer 99% dust-free satisfaction, and there will be no major clean up required afterwards.

Want to change the colour of your wooden floors or give it a whole new raw finish? Get in touch with us for the best care and treatment for your treasured wooden floors.

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