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If your wooden floor has developed gaps between the boards, which is common with older floors, we can fix it. As ugly as they can get, we have the tools and the right products to fill these gaps to give you a consistent surface that you’d love to show off.

If you are thinking of doing it yourself, here’s what you need to know. 

One of the main issues that most homeowners face after a DIY filling job is colour inconsistency between the filling material and the floorboards. Try as you might, you can’t get it right unless you are someone who has been doing it for years. Someone like Native Grain Flooring.

This is where our knowledge and choice of filling material can save you the DIY hassle as well as the embarrassment that follows. So, make no mistake. Contact Native Grain Flooring to have all your flooring needs handled with perfection.

Is your wooden floorboard chipped or cracked along the edges? Is it too good to be repaired yet too bad to look at? Our filling and matching service can revive the smooth texture and shine in hours. Smaller jobs can be finished in minutes.

Why Choose Us?

We will fill and match your floors to the best standards so that it looks great and no longer allows the heat to escape.

Wood shrinks over time. It’s inevitable. Why worry when the solution is just a phone call away? The person answering your call will be the one assisting you from start to finish. This ensures customer satisfaction at every stage, and this is what we are known for.

With over 20 years of experience filling gaps between floorboards, we know it’s important to factor in the expansion and contraction of the wood due to season change. Keeping that in mind, we always do the right thing the right way.

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