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Polyurethane application is the final step in the floor installation process, and it should be done carefully and using the right products. Native Grain Flooring understands wooden floors more than anyone else does and knows which flooring finish can yield better results, protect the surface and prolong your floor’s life.

We recommend and use the water-based flooring finish for homes and offices across Wellington, and we want you to know why.

There are several advantages of a water-based finish over an oil-based finish.

Unlike oil-based compounds, the water-based finish does not emit noxious fumes during and after application. This makes it safe for homes with children and pets. A water-based product has substances that are derived from plants, as opposed to petroleum compounds in oil-based finishes.

Also, a water-based finish dries much faster than its counterpart. A single coat of water-based finish will dry within hours and not days. This is especially beneficial for commercial spaces that can’t leave the surface alone for weeks on end.

With improved binders and additives, water-based finishes are just as durable as any oil-based finish and can resist abrasions and spillage quite well.

A water-based finish is almost clear like water, which means it will not conceal the original colour of your floor and will accentuate the grain more. While an oil-based finish can get your floors a few shades darker, that’s not the issue with a water-based finish.

Why Choose Us?

Since a water-based finish dries quickly, you don’t get enough time to correct mistakes. With Native Grain Flooring, there will be no mistake in the first place, thanks to our 20 years of experience and training.

A water-based finish can appear brand new for up to 10 years. But it really depends on the quality of the application. Choose Native Grain Flooring for stunning results that stay stunning for years.

Give us a call to enquire about a suitable water-based finish for your floor type.

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